Housekeeping Shortages Costing Tourism Businesses

Housekeeping shortages are causing real stress across our industry and operators are crying out for strategies to help.

Housekeeping shortages are having numerous significant impacts, including:

  • Placing more pressure on our highly valued and loyal housekeeping teams, who are faced with even more cleaning, longer days and risk of burnout/injury or resignation.
  • Rooms that are available, but not clean to sell = lost revenue
  • Instances of staff from other departments, sometimes including hotel managers, even hotel owners, cleaning rooms to avoid losing revenue.

One of the most consistent challenges that arises, and businesses need urgent help with is housekeeping shortages. I understand how much this affects the whole team in hotels as I ran a group of hotels for near 30-years and have felt the impact of these challenges firsthand.

GOOD NEWS! I have spent time reviewing what I implemented across my former group of hotels, faced with similar shortages over an extended period. Further, I have researched what others are doing in this space, to alleviate some of the pressure. From this work, I have identified the top 10 strategies that are proven and work, to lessen the impact of housekeeping shortages.

These strategies are focused on the 3R’s:


Reach out if you need assistance with your housekeeping shortages.

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