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With over 30 years of experience in Australia’s tourism industry, Loftus Business Advisory offers hotel consulting services that help navigate pathways that optimise your business’ performance and ultimate success.

Boost Your Growth With Our Hotel Consulting Services

Ever-changing markets can make it challenging for tourism operators to sustain profitability, improve efficiency and remain competitive. Loftus Business Advisory is on a mission to build sustainable capability within the tourism industry, with a strong focus on solutions that boost the profit and performance of tourism businesses across Australia. Through the delivery of targeted advisory services to motels, hotels, serviced apartments, inns, and other accommodation providers, we are committed to providing innovative strategies to help you reach your business goals.

Stay Supported With Our Quarterly Review

Planning and implementing new strategies for success is only half the battle. Our quarterly reviews keep you on track by monitoring your financial results, reviewing your task completion, and creating potent strategies to improve future performance. Make staying on track easier than ever before and reduce the potential of costly mistakes with our expert ongoing strategic advice and guidance.

Discover Proven Strategies For Growth With Our Workshops

Our workshops and presentations provide a comprehensive exploration of successful business strategies. With three decades of tourism industry expertise, Eoin Loftus will share proven methods for facing economic challenges, optimising operations, boosting your profits, and developing leadership skills for success. With our help, you can identify and implement effective strategies that will help drive you and your business towards achieving best ever performance.

Transform Your Business with Hotel Consulting That Dares to Care

Loftus Business Advisory brings the expertise, exposure, and knowledge you need to better control and drive your hospitality business performance. Where so many operators are time poor, don’t struggle alone. Contact us today and find out how we can help you succeed.

Why Loftus Business Advisory?

29 Years

Designing, building, opening and operating a hotel group, from 1 to 6 hotels.

15x Income

Opportunities identified for valued clients within the last year.

$3.5+ Million in Profit-Strengthening

Opportunities identified for valued clients within the last year.

INDUSTRY Leading Profitability

And performance generally, especially throughout COVID.


Across a group of hotels.

That Care

Services designed to efficiently and effectively support Australian businesses.

NEW HOTEL Development Experience

Designing, building, fitting out & launching 6 new hotels over 24-year period.


Tourism Industry Council of SA – 5 years as Chairman. South Australian Tourism Commission since 2022.

Personalised Support From ONE OF the Best in the Business

Eoin Loftus has been a leader in the tourism accommodation industry for over three decades. During this time, he has honed his commercial skills and expertise to help optimise businesses for maximum performance and profitability.

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Introductory Meeting

Join us for an introductory meeting. We’ll map your challenges to better understand your business needs and goals.

Proposal Draft

We’ll draft a tailored proposal to meet your specific objectives, focused on delivering maximum results.

Actionable Solution

Once you are satisfied and the agreement is signed, work will begin towards achieving the agreed objectives.

Discovery Process

Uncover opportunities for improvement and discuss how our services can help reshape the future of your business.

Deep Dive Analysis

Dive deep into your business’s data to uncover hidden opportunities and challenges.

Present recommendations

Recommendations presented, ready for implementation. Offer of further assistance provided and so to ongoing support.

Dreamt of even greater profitability? Propel your hotel to new heights.

Our hotel consulting services offer in-depth assessments of your tourism business and professional advice to help you maximise profits.

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