Forecasting and Budgeting Boost

Maximise Your Hotel’s Financial Performance

What gets measured, gets managed. Many tourism businesses don’t have a detailed monthly income and expense forecast or budget. Our forecasting and budgeting boost is an innovative program designed to help tourism businesses maximise their financial performance. It focuses on developing strategies and techniques that can be used to improve forecasting and budgeting operations, including developing more accurate forecasting models and implementing budgeting best practices.

Implement Budgeting
Best Practices

The forecasting and budgeting boost provides guidance on how to implement successful strategies and techniques to help tourism businesses achieve their financial goals.
The advisory sessions cover:
  • A review of existing financial controls.
  • A review of all income and expense lines for the past 12 months in the profit and loss statement.
  • Development of three financial forecast scenarios: worst case, likely case, and best case.
  • Identify critical financial control areas to prioritise and focus on.
  • Development of detailed full profit & loss budget, broken down monthly.



Forecasting &
Budgeting Formulation

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Don’t leave the success of your tourism business to chance. Our quarterly performance reviews help drive greater accountability towards achievement of best ever commercial results.

Designed to
Deliver Results

Introductory Meeting

Join us for an introductory meeting. We’ll map your challenges to better understand your business needs and goals.

Proposal Draft

We’ll draft a tailored proposal to meet your specific objectives, focused on delivering maximum results.

Actionable Solution

Once you are satisfied and the agreement is signed, work will begin towards achieving the agreed objectives.

Discovery Process

Uncover opportunities for improvement and discuss how our services can help reshape the future of your business.

Deep Dive Analysis

Dive deep into your business’s data to uncover hidden opportunities and challenges.

Present recommendations

Recommendations presented, ready for implementation. Offer of further assistance provided and so to ongoing support.

Personalised Support From ONE OF the Best in the Business

Eoin Loftus has been a leader in the tourism accommodation industry for over three decades. During this time, he has honed his commercial skills and expertise to help optimise businesses for maximum performance and profitability.

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