Leadership Boost
Case Study


During the Leadership Boost Advisory Review, I work closely with the business owner, CEO or General Manager, to gain a thorough understanding of the extent of past successes and most importantly, qualify and quantify the businesses reaching its full potential.

My personal experience is until you qualify and quantify a business reaching its full potential – you greatly limit what can be achieved.

My focus is on:

  • Distilling a Vision for the business, an aspirational statement to describe the business achieving its best
  • Creating a Core Ideology for the business, helping guide the team toward achieving the Vision
  • Most importantly setting a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, credit Jim Collins) as an ambitious stretch target ensuring the business and its people aim towards the business achieving greatness

I personally implemented the Good to Great (credit Jim Collins) model with my prior group of hotels, creating significant momentum across the group and importantly achieved significant uplift in key indicator areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Consistently increased
  • Employee Retention Performance: Consistently increased
  • Sales Volume: Consistently grew
  • Market Share: Consistently grew
  • Productivity (variable wage areas): Increased
  • Overall Expense Efficiency: Increased

Hear From
Our Clients

Eoin’s passion and experience brings the Good to Great program to life. For many years, our business has struggled to effectively communicate our long-term strategy to our broader team. In the good to great program, Eoin has been able to assist our business in distilling our core ideologies, vision and strategy and developed a process for us to share this with our team. After only the first stage of the good to great program our team has an understanding of our businesses’ vision for the future and is more united and driven to achieve these than ever before.

The good to great program has provided a framework for me to be able to effectively communicate my vision for our business to our entire team. This has unified our approach and we are already seeing improvements across our group from participating in this program. Our team have also found the good to great program extremely valuable not only to better understand what we are working towards but as an opportunity to make connections across our workforce and as an ongoing professional development opportunity. We are looking forward to continuing on the good to great program for many years 
to come.

Stephen Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

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