We have found it a pleasure to work with Eoin Loftus on developing improved operational practices at Rawnsley Park. Eoin’s extensive experience in managing accommodation and hospitality businesses provides the basis for a knowledge-based assessment of our business. Eoin was able to clearly identify opportunities for financial improvement and quantify the likely benefit to our bottom line. He has provided expert guidance in implementing operational efficiencies that we are confident will deliver customer satisfaction and ongoing financial benefit.

Anthony Smith
Director, Rawnsley Park Station

We engaged Eoin Loftus to help us review key areas of our accommodation business to strengthen profitability. Right from our first conversation, Eoin actively listened to our concerns and arranged follow-up discovery meetings to delve into our current processes. We felt very comfortable with Eoin as he could relate to our situation and brought practical advice and effective solutions to the table. He provided a clear project path and timeline to help us achieve our desired goals whilst also being accommodating around our work schedule so that the pace suited our needs. Eoin also set clear expected financial outcomes if we implemented the recommended strategies, including some quick wins, which we achieved soon after commencing the project with Eoin.

This process has been so valuable for us and our business. We achieved a significant cost reduction in a few short months of targeted effort, and we now feel more confident to sustain this success with the initiatives we learned through our work with Eoin. There is no question that Eoin is an absolute expert in his field and we would recommend his service to any business looking to implement cost controls and strategies to boost their business profit.

Belinda Stanton
Manager/Owner, New England Motor Lodge, NSW

CABN engaged Loftus Business Advisory to review its operations across a number of specific areas. Eoin drew on his extensive experience, industry knowledge and understanding of current operating conditions to provide valuable advice and recommendations that made a material difference.

Eoin’s process was efficient and straightforward, ensuring that we spent time defining the brief to provide clarity for the project and a joint understanding of the desired outcomes. He demonstrated flexibility in working with us as we navigated managing a business while providing him with the information he required to complete the project.

I have no hesitation in recommending Eoin to those businesses that are seeking his specific areas of expertise.

Michael Lamprell
Founder, CABN

Eoin experience in the tourism industry is second to none. With his guidance and strategies, our newly refurbished motel is moving at the right direction and performing better than before. We are forever grateful in having him through this delicate stage and looking forward in working with him on future exciting projects on the horizon.

Yen Aun Leow
Owner, Kangaroo Island Seaview Motel

Eoin’s wealth of knowledge and experience helped us evaluate our business, identify opportunities for growth and plan for the future. His professional approach and genuine desire to assist our business made it a pleasure to work with him. We would definitely recommend Loftus Business Advisory to any business looking to plan for the future, optimise operations and increase profitability.

Anna & Nathan
Midlander Motor Inn,Emerald Queensland

Your (Eoin’s) industry experience will greatly assist your clients. I can say this with 100% confidence as the Tourism Industry Council of South Australia has been the beneficiary of your skills and service to the broader industry for over seven years.

Shaun de Bruyn

This is a great opportunity for other organisations to get their leadership skills… in how to build successful businesses and organisational cultures.

Paul Preiss
CEO Institute

Eoin Loftus is an impressive human being who has spent his career committed to both his own personal development as a leader and the acquisition and implementation of those skills for the benefit of the organisations he works with. If you are wanting to come out of the pandemic stronger and more successful he is worth having a conversation with.

Simone Douglas
Digital Specialist

Eoin’s passion and experience brings the Good to Great program to life. For many years, our business has struggled to effectively communicate our long-term strategy to our broader team. In the good to great program, Eoin has been able to assist our business in distilling our core ideologies, vision and strategy and developed a process for us to share this with our team. After only the first stage of the good to great program our team has an understanding of our businesses’ vision for the future and is more united and driven to achieve these than ever before.

The good to great program has provided a framework for me to be able to effectively communicate my vision for our business to our entire team. This has unified our approach and we are already seeing improvements across our group from participating in this program. Our team have also found the good to great program extremely valuable not only to better understand what we are working towards but as an opportunity to make connections across our workforce and as an ongoing professional development opportunity. We are looking forward to continuing on the good to great program for many years to come.

Stephen Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

If you are in the tourism industry and looking for a secret weapon, then this could be it!

Dan Kuss
Business Coach