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Want to strengthen your hotel’s profit performance? Many businesses are time-poor, possibly overwhelmed, and some may even lack high-level profit generating experience. We’re here to make profit-boosting your business as simple as possible. With our help, you can identify untapped opportunities, hidden efficiency gains, and new revenue streams. Take the guesswork and worry out of profit-boosting with our efficient review process and recommendations report, informing you on how best to grow your bottom line.

Increase Financial cost P.A (Estimate for a 45-room hotel)
Interest Rates 300%+ (May 2022 to 2023 with a forecast peak of 4.1% - cash rate) $60,000 p.a increase per $2M debt
Wages 5% (From Oct 2022) $25,000 p.a increase
Electricity & Gas 35-40%+ $20,000 p.a increase
Electricity & Gas 7%+ Inflation $20,000 p.a increase
Total estimate of Increased cost $125,000 p.a increase

Why Prioritise
Profit Boost Advisory?

The surge in domestic tourism demand nationally during COVID to now has resulted in a lack of urgency among many operators to combat unprecedented rising costs. With the market likely to soften, now is the time to review your profit generating strategies, protecting your profitability as demand and yields come off the current peak.

Proven Advice

Take advantage of our strategic business advice targeting your unique challenges and opportunities.

Minimum 5:1 ROI

Our recommendations will total a minimum of 5:1 return on your investment, or your fee will be fully refunded.

Tailored Solutions

Our tailored support assists you with initial assessment and option of ongoing assistance with implementation and monitoring.

How it Works

During the profit boost review, we work closely with each business to understand its current operations. We focus on the three areas influencing business profit: revenue, expenses, and productivity, to identify areas of opportunity for businesses to protect and grow their profit.

Profit boost opportunities identified Business 1 Business 2 Business 3
Income opportunities p.a $97,000 $121,000 $321,000
Expense opportunities p.a $197,000 $72,000 $63,000
Productivity opportunities p.a $12,000 $102,000 $26,000
Total discovered opportunities p.a $306,000 $295,000 $410,000

Designed to
Deliver Results

Introductory Meeting

Join us for an introductory meeting. We’ll map your challenges to better understand your business needs and goals.

Proposal Draft

We’ll draft a tailored proposal to meet your specific objectives, focused on delivering maximum results.

Actionable Solution

Once you are satisfied and the agreement is signed, work will begin towards achieving the agreed objectives.

Discovery Process

Uncover opportunities for improvement and discuss how our services can help reshape the future of your business.

Deep Dive Analysis

Dive deep into your business’s data to uncover hidden opportunities and challenges.

Present recommendations

Recommendations presented, ready for implementation. Offer of further assistance provided and so to ongoing support.

See Your Profits Grow

For Profit Boost, we guarantee a minimum return of 5 times your investment – or you get your money back. Don’t miss out on the chance to strengthen your bottom line.

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Eoin Loftus has been a leader in the tourism accommodation industry for over three decades. During this time, he has honed his commercial skills and expertise to help optimise businesses for maximum performance and profitability.

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