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Business succession planning is an integral part of a business owner’s strategy for the future. It involves the process of transferring the management of a business from the current owner to a new management structure.

This can be achieved through varying models including:
  • Family structure – either operational or Board model.
  • A senior management structure.
  • Sale of the business.
  • Lease to others.

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It is important to create a plan that outlines the goals, objectives, timelines, and strategies for the transition, and to ensure that the structure is well-prepared to take over the business. With careful planning, business succession planning can ensure a smooth transition and maximise the value of the business.

If you are exploring a new management
structure for your business, we will
work with you to:
  • Understand the existing structure and level of
    involvement of the current owners.
  • Determine the key measurables of the business to define strategic controls.
  • Design a transitional structure and period for the owners to step back.
  • Establish a Dashboard and reporting structure to enable the existing owners to confidently transition.

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Succession planning is an essential aspect of running a successful business.
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