Profit Boost
Case Study

Profit Boost Results

Profit boost opportunities identified Business 1 Business 2 Business 3
Income opportunities p.a $97,000 $121,000 $321,000
Expense opportunities p.a $197,000 $72,000 $63,000
Productivity opportunities p.a $12,000 $102,000 $26,000
Total discovered opportunities p.a $306,000 $295,000 $410,000

During the Profit Boost Advisory review, I work closely with each business to gain a thorough understanding of their operations. My focus is on the three major areas that have an influence on business profits: revenue, expenses, and productivity.

My objective is to identify opportunities to protect and grow the business and profits. I am committed to providing constructive, helpful advice and guidance to ensure that every business achieves its profit goals. The adjacent table shows examples of profit boost opportunities identified for my valued clients.

Hear From
Our Clients

Eoin’s extensive experience in running accommodation businesses across multiple sites give him a unique insight in to benchmarks that our business should have been hitting. He was able to review our business from the top down and identify where we could make savings and enhance our revenues. He was able to identify several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of easily achievable savings and revenue growth opportunities which will make a substantial impact on our bottom line. Most importantly not only did he identify these areas for improvement, but he provided a practical path forward for the implementation. The profit boost program is going to have substantial impact on our business’s bottom line and I would recommend to any tourism business.

Stephen Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

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